What do you get besides prizes?

First of all, a competition is an enriching experience that motivates you to prepare your programme to the best of your ability. And every new programme is another step in becoming a better musician. Whether it’s performing live or making a recording, both things stimulate you to leave your home practice comfort zone.

You present yourself as a musician to a jury. In today’s world, we have many interesting soloists in our midst, especially online. It’s hard to get noticed in the maze of other artists. There is a mass of recordings on social media and video platforms. So promoting yourself is very difficult, and participating in a competition is a very good idea for one form of promotion.

The prize is not just a diploma to hang on the wall of the practice room. It is actually a valuable achievement to include in your artistic biography. Moreover, with achievements in competitions, especially international ones, you can get cultural scholarships in your country.

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